Are you sure that’s going to work?

My elementary self did a lot of stupid things. Sticking my entire tongue to the freezer door, putting raw meat in my hair to make a “headband,” trying out the moldy butter because it looked weird…

I can laugh at all those ideas now, but I must admit, I was a pretty creative child. I remember my 9th birthday, in which I created a makeshift “fair” filled with games made out of disposable cups, plates, and napkins, and another instance in which I added steak sauce to my rice hoping that it would end up tasting like steak. Of course, none of those things worked out. And no, the rice didn’t actually end up tasting like steak.

Recently, though, I have been enlightened with what is called the “bad idea factory–” in other words, making good out of bad ideas. Innovation, after all, needs to start somewhere. How else do you think people came up with everything there is today? If it were you, would you really have thought that pulling that dangling pink thing under the cow and drinking its liquid was a good idea?

You did WHAT with the cow?

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