Becoming a Sushi Chef in 30 Seconds

…is now possible!

I’ve been craving sushi a lot over the past few weeks, but due to sketchy rumors of worsening radiation in Japanese seas and a paranoid mother, I haven’t been able to fulfill such cravings. It’s all okay though, because I have a solution: Popin’ Cookin!

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is watch other people cook/play with food. I know, great use of time. But I am subscribed on YouTube to a person who plays with what I call “toy candy,” which is essentially candy that is more fun to make than to eat. Popin’ Cookin is a brand that makes “toy candy.” All of their products look pretty fun to make, but one of them in particular gets me everytime–I can’t help but be amazed. It allows you to “become your own sushi chef,” which should be incredibly simple in theory, but the little details are just incredible. Here it is:

Tell me you weren’t mindblown when the fish eggs were being made (2:15).

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