Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes, I wonder if the act of “overdoing” something is subconscious. Of course, we all know when we’re purposely overdoing things–when we stay up until the sun rises to study for tests, when “diet” is just another word for “starvation,” and when we train so hard for a sport that we end up sore for days. We know what we want, and we’re ready for the consequences.

But what we’re often not ready for are the side effects. Sure, you knew you’d be tired after staying up late for that test, but it was for the A–what you didn’t know, though, was how much stress your liver just went through. You thought starving yourself would help you shed those pounds, but instead, you gained weight from water retention. And lastly, you thought training would strengthen that arm for the last baseball game of your high school career, but you never imagined that you would injure it to the point where you’d never be able to play your favorite sport again.

Is it worth it to overdo things?

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