New Year, New Foods

Greetings everyone, and happy new year! It’s been some time since the last post.

What are your plans for this new year?

As the first post of 2014, I thought I’d post some New Year’s Resolutions for this blog that coincide with my personal resolutions!

1) Post more challenging, but more awesome food recipes
Okay, maybe not more challenging, but definitely some more delicate, detailed recipes. I’d also like to harness my own cooking/baking skills and see if I’m up to making them myself. Doesn’t this look incredible?


Once school calms down and I have more free time, I’d love to take up challenges like this.

2) Post more fun recipes
I always browse the internet and end up seeing things like Monkey Bread Pizzas, and I’ve always wanted to make them. So much. They look super fun, and I’m sure there are a ton of variations and things you could do to liven up the flavor. How can you resist bite sized pizzas? They kind of remind me of the bagel bites we used to have when we were young.
Pepperoni-Pizza Monkey Bread...gonna have to try this the next time I have the GrandPixies over!

3) Post more healthy recipes
For a long time now, I’ve been trying to eat more healthily, only because I know I’ve indulged in a lot of delicious, but terribly unhealthy things up till now. It’d be great if I could find (and share) some easy, healthy recipes that are just as delicious as the ones with multiple sticks of butter in them (Hi Paula Deen).

Arugula salad with beets and gorgonzola cheese

4) Post more often
Of course! I hope you’ll look forward to my future posts.

Happy 2014 everyone!


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