Birth of a Foodie

“So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.”
-Franz Kafka.

You have wandered onto “foodie” grounds.

As a first post, I thought I’d do an introduction.
There isn’t much to see as of now, but in the future I hope to share plenty of food and recipes that might make you view things differently.


I haven’t met a lot of (actually, any) people in my life who don’t like food.

“Of course!” you say. We can’t live without it.

But there’s so much more–food isn’t just for survival, it’s for communication, for interacting, connecting, sharing with others. It is, quite literally, our link to life. In the same way, when we make food, it can be used to express ourselves, and to show and represent how we feel or what we think about various things. The ingredients, the procedure, and the presentation–all of these things have something of their own to share. So whether ketchup reminds you of the dying Caesar or the torching of a creme-brulee represents the evolution of the Count of Monte Cristo, food can be created and received in thousands of ways; it just depends on how you see it.

So, by sharing various types of cuisine and munchies, maybe I can get you to appreciate life through the wonders of food just a little bit more.


One thought on “Birth of a Foodie

  1. I feel like food is better enjoyed in groups. Sure, you can walk into a restaurant and eat alone if you wanted too, but it would not be the same as eating with another person because you cannot share in the joy of the food. It’s almost like going to watch a movie alone. You’ll have a great time, but you won’t be able to discuss the movie with anyone.

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